Printed on Site is a professional graphics and marketing company. We will either work with your event’s graphics to enhance your branding, or let us design your graphics and branding for you. We do this at no additional charge to you!

Watch our video on how how to place an order:

One of the many reasons to partner with us is there is ZERO cost to your organization. You do not have to guess at quantities and sizes to order and you do not have to deal with left over inventory you are unable to sell.

Our sales staff will work with you on your preferred logo design, merchandising items, color and what type of personalization your event would like to use. Printed on Site offers website customized event pre-sales and post sales for your event and no additional charge. Your organization will receive the same percentage from our website sales as you do for on-site sales.   Our staff will offer social media presence for your event with customized gifts for event promotions.


Sale prior to event, you can customize your sweatshirt and pick either option of shipping or pick up at the event you will be attending.

Delivery Options:

1. Pick up at event

2. Ship


We have our kiosk located at each event.

You can either pickup your prior order or custom make your item at the event.


Available after an event has occured. If you were unable to order during the event. This is for you.

You can customize your product and we will ship it to you.


You can pay for shipping if you would like to have the apparel before the tournament.

Pre-Orders will be picked up at ONE GYM LOCATION ONLY per state. We will email the gym location the Wednesday before the tournament.   Please ensure that the contact information you provide us during checkout is correct, as we will be using this information to communicate with you regarding the status of your order.

In the event of a tournament cancellation, we will ship your order to you at no extra cost.  Refunds are not possible on tournament cancellations, or if your player or team cancels. Thank you.

If you have difficulty receiving email communications from us, please double-check your spam folder. Consider adding to your contacts to ensure you are able to receive email from us.