Printed on Site was created in 2013 to provide on-site apparel printing and professional brand merchandising for athletic events, festivals and corporate parties. Printed on Site is a dba of Epic Legends, LLC ; a private Oregon corporation (s-corp.) owned by Geary & Stacy Hanley and Joseph Moxley.

The Printed on Site management team has had years of previous printing experience prior to 2013. With expert graphic design approach, investments in the best printing technology, and our “owner hands-on” approach to creating a high-quality customer service experience for athletes, parents, coaches and corporate teams.   Printed on site has met and exceeded expectations and performance standards at each event it has been contracted as the official merchandiser.


Printed on Site values the customer service experience, this is why we operate with only six units nationwide. Each unit will have either an owner or upper top-level management exhibiting merchandise at your event. We like to think of ourselves as the prestigious apparel merchandiser in the United States.  

It is this owner connection that Printed on Site emphasizes most of all----to treat customers as valued persons, listened to, and served in a manner that conveys the warmth of a friendship. This is our ideal and we strive to achieve it daily because we know these repeated interactions enable customers to make connections that lead to repeat purchases and trust in our products.


Printed on Site has expert experience in social media platforms. Our company not only offers on-site apparel decorating but also will work with your staff on pre-sales for your event and post sales for up to a year after your event.


Printed on Site offers all logo design that is included in our contract at no additional cost, event staff shirts and comp items if needed. Our designs staff will even help market your event with customized gifs for your social media platforms.